5 Reasons Why Huntsville Buyers Prefer New Homes for Sale

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 Huntsville Alabama is an interesting real estate market because it caters to a very unique audience. A majority of the buyers are government employees or contractors. Conservative values lead to a desire for family friendly living arrangements. Southern rural housing bleeds over into urban desires thus the demand for land and space is higher. Currently moderate traffic levels allow for farther commutes to and from the workplace. Huntsville is continuing to trend to higher growth and may be the biggest city in the state within just a few more years. 

Given these traits, here is 5 reasons why Huntsville buyers want a new house to move into.

Designed to their Preferences

Engineering, mathematics and physics based jobs require a lot of planning and customization. With this desire to shape the future of our country’s defense or energy, this smart, science community is prone to desire control over their living circumstances and customization to how it is laid out. Buying an older home often will require remodels to fit their needs while working with a new home builder allows them to choose what they desire.

Family Values need Family Room

The Huntsville area has a high rate of children under 18 in the household, constituting about 28% of our total population. Conservative populations with a high Christian presence tend to value family and safety as a top priority. An old home can cause issues as a family expands. In a new home, a family can create the space they anticipate to fill.

Energy and Cost Savings

A smart population such as Huntsville tends not to be frivolous with its hard earned money. An older home is prone to breaking and leakage in both liquid and air. A new home is stout and tight, able to resist temperature change and retain the internal air.  Many new homes have double or triple pane treated windows and come with new Energy Star appliances. Many home builders are also open to installing solar panels if requested by the buyer (though usually not included in the price). Changing appliances, windows or installing solar panels on an old home can be extremely expensive.

Sneezes in the Breeze

One drawback to the Huntsville area is the allergy seasons. While government constitutes a lot of work here, agriculture and forestry are still major industries and create a lot of dust, pollen, and mold spores during certain seasons. A new home will have a state of the art ventilation system, free of these pests. It’s a big gamble when considering an older home.

Location of Choice

Huntsville is a large, spread out city that has grown around Redstone Arsenal in all directions. With numerous gates, the Arsenal is approached from several ways. Some have a commute of only a few minutes and others have a commute of 30+ minutes. But that time is not spent sitting on the highway in a jam as the area has done well to expand lanes with the increased population. The lower traffic has allowed many buyers to increase the geographical scope of their home purchasing options, allowing a plethora of quality home buyers to create communities in many surrounding areas. With close-nit, safe neighborhoods and great school systems, it’s really a no brainer for purchasing a new home for sale in the Huntsville area.

Libby Williams

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