Summer Fun Near Your Legacy Homes Community

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Summer is finally here! It’s a time when you can get outside and enjoy activities that truly make memories, like having a cookout for your friends and family, teaching your kids how to swim, or enjoying outdoor concerts and festivities. These are the times that really matter, and it’s much easier to enjoy them when you can conveniently get to and from these places. At Legacy Homes, the selectiveness that goes into choosing the locations of our communities is just as important as the careful attention to quality that goes into the design of our homes. Here are some summer hot spots that are conveniently accessible to our various community locations in north Alabama.


Huntsville, Meridianville, Monrovia

Communities: Trailhead, The Lakes at Aldridge (Coming Soon), Colonial Pointe, Cedar Brook

Hot Spots Nearby: Huntsville Botanical Gardens, Aldridge Creek Greenway, Brahan Springs Park, Monte Sano Park, Big Spring Park


Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Trailhead:  8.2 miles | The Lakes at Aldridge:  Coming Soon | Colonial Pointe: 14.1 miles | Cedar Brook: 7.4 miles

Huntsville Botanical Gardens is a great place to go and be surrounded by beauty, especially in the summer! While it’s open all year round, summertime brings out the beauty in the wide variety of both local and non-local plants and fauna. Memberships are also available if you’re an avid outdoors lover.


Aldridge Creek Greenway

Trailhead: 17.8 miles | The Lakes at Aldridge:  Coming Soon | Colonial Pointe: 20.4 miles | Cedar Brook: 20.6 miles

This is a paved trail that was built alongside Aldridge Creek in Huntsville. Various wildlife can be enjoyed close by and the concrete trail is great for those who want to avoid dirty or muddy trails.



Monte Sano Park

Trailhead: 6.9 miles| The Lakes at Aldridge:  Coming Soon | Colonial Pointe: 14.3 miles |Cedar Brook: 12.8 miles

Monte Sano Mountain is one of the Huntsville area’s most popular places for its hiking trails, scenic outdoor views, events, and historic significance. In the old days, the mountain was a place for those afflicted with various illnesses to go and recover their health. Thus, the name Monte Sano or “the healthy mountain”. Today, it is a focal point in Huntsville’s skyline and community.


Big Spring Park

Trailhead: 4.9 miles | The Lakes at Aldridge:  Coming Soon | Colonial Pointe: 11.7 miles |Cedar Brook: 8.6 miles

Big Spring Park is at the heart of Huntsville’s downtown area. It surrounds a large pond and takes the form of a walking loop. The red bridge and cherry trees nearby were donated by Japanese General Mikio Kimata as a sign of friendship between the United States and Japan. Many events are held here throughout the year, including the arts festival Panoply, food truck gatherings, festivals, etc. During the summer, there are also outdoor concerts outside of the Huntsville Museum of Art.



Communities: Boardwalk (Coming Soon)

Hot Spots Nearby: Athens Saturday Market, The Richard Martin Trail, Athens-Limestone County Nature and Heritage Trails, LawLers Barbecue


Athens Saturday Market

Boardwalk:  Coming Soon

A state-certified farmers market, the Athens Saturday Market is a great place to go if you like delicious, organic, locally-raised produce. It’s also a great way to get to know others in the community. You can enjoy fresh produce, baked goods, music, art, and crafts at the Green Street pavilion each Saturday morning June-August from 8AM to noon.

The Richard Martin Trail

Boardwalk:  Coming Soon

The Richard Martin Trail, also know as the Limestone Rail Trail is a trail in Limestone County that is a little over 10 miles in total length. If you are a hiker who loves a challenge, this is definitely one for you. If you’d rather take it easy, there are plenty of breaks and exit points throughout the trail.

LawLers Barbecue

Boardwalk:  Coming Soon

LawLers barbecue is an old favorite in Athens, with decades of history and great barbecue. If you’d rather pickup the barbecue than fire up the smoker, LawLers has a great menu, reasonable prices, and friendly service.


Owens Cross Roads

Communities: Overton, Bristol Creek

Hot Spots Nearby: Hampton Cove Gold Course, Roller Coaster’s Skate Center, Harmony Park Safari

Hampton Cove Golf Course

Overton: 5.2 miles | Bristol Creek: 7.6 miles

If golf is more your thing, the Hampton Cove Golf Course is a 54-hole facility with highly-varying difficulty from one hole to the next. It has several different courses available to play and offers memberships to those who like to golf frequently.


Harmony Park Safari

Overton: 8.2 miles| Bristol Creek: 4.5 miles

At Harmony Park Safari, you can drive through acres of land and see tons of animals that “aren’t exactly native” to north Alabama. Why go to another area for the zoo when you can see an abundance of the same animals right in your own back yard?



Communities: Burwell Gardens, Burwell Gardens – Liberty Series

Hot Spots Nearby: Land Trust of North Alabama: Harvest Square Nature Preserve


Land Trust of North Alabama: Harvest Square Nature Preserve

Burwell Gardens: 2.1 miles | Burwell Gardens – Liberty Series: 2.1 miles

Harvest Square Nature Preserve is a 69-acre public property that was donated to the Land Trust of North Alabama by Aronov Realty Management in 2009. The area has walking trails, ponds, and a pavilion for gatherings.


New Market

Communities: Bellview, Pennington

Hot Spots Nearby: Sharon Johnston Park (Coming Soon)


Sharon Johnston Park

Bellview: 1.4 miles| Pennington: Coming Soon

Sharon Johnston park is a popular park in New Market, AL. There are walking trails, a large fishing pond, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and shooting range among other campground facilities. It is one of the largest outdoor hot spots on our list and has a lot to offer.


When it comes to buying a new home in north Alabama, there’s a lot more to it beyond the home. With communities close to some of north Alabama’s best summer hot spots, Legacy Homes is a great home builder to choose for your new home building needs.


Summer Activities to Enjoy in Your New Home

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So you did it. You bought a brand new home! Now you can enjoy a wide variety of summer activities in your own back yard! Here are some examples of fun summer activities suitable for everyone.


Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen


The only thing better than delicious food is delicious food outside! Currently, there are a wide variety of layouts and equipment for anyone’s taste. Creating a fun outside bbq area or an intimate night time dinner outdoors is now well within a spectrum of budgets. Being outdoors with family and friends can turn a simple meal into fond memories for years to come. While everyone’s outside, games such as corn hole, horseshoes, badminton, etc. can be enjoyed by everyone. Be sure to have a variety of game options on hand so that everyone can enjoy their favorite game!


Start An Herb or Flower Garden


If plants are more your thing, or you just like to eat fresh and organic, you might consider starting a herb or flower garden in your new home’s yard. While most plants are traditionally started in Spring, Summer is not too late to enjoy fresh parsley, rosemary, etc. straight from your back yard. Bonus Tip: If a full herb garden is too time consuming, you can still plant smaller herb pots in your kitchen with minimal effort. Fresh herbs can brighten up any dish, and if you’re entertaining, an herb garden can be a great conversation starter! Flowers from a flower garden can make any room in your new home more vibrant and inviting. Depending on your hardiness zone, you can likely grow flowers most of the year.


Groom Your Landscaping Heaven


What better to compliment your new abode than a great landscaping scheme. There are many options to choose from to make your home perfectly adapted to the look that you like. If you like more privacy, there is an abundance of hedging plants and trees (cypress trees are great for this purpose). Other landscaping touches are also nice to have and can actually add to your home’s value. Lining and mulching your flower beds can make the colors of the flower pop against a darker background. Installing outdoor lighting is also a great option. While this may take a little more expertise, it can really make your newly-built home stand out and look stunning!


Gather Round the Fire


A fire pit can add a great atmosphere to any outdoor space. Fire pits are warm, inviting, and can be used for “over-the-fire” cooking (think smores!) or to huddle around during the chillier months of the year.

Find the Perfect Patio Furniture


Patios are every bit as customizable and livable as indoor spaces. New improvements in weather proofing have led to some outdoor furniture and decor that could be mistaken for that meant for the indoors. Even designers are getting in on the action!


Start Composting


If you took our previous suggestion of starting a garden, or you’d just like to be more environmentally friendly with your waste disposal, composting can turn organic matter into a highly rich growing medium for your garden or yard. Egg shells, leftover plant parts from meals, and even paper scraps can come together to give you a great final product. Go here for more information.


Legacy Homes is committed to building innovative new homes in north Alabama at the best value to feature ratio possible. If you have already bought a home from us, we hope that you enjoy all of Summer’s fun activities in the comfort in and out of your new home. If you’re looking to buy a new home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation.