The Benefits of a Drop Zone

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April Showers brought May flowers… and muddy paws, drenched jeans, and soggy socks. After a little bout of spring cleaning, nothing is more of a nuisance than stray articles of wet clothing or smudged footprints across tile, wood, or most cringe-worthy: the carpet. Though in the thick of the storm it may feel like your home will never be clean, polished, and perfect like those abodes on Pinterest, the solution can simply be found in custom home design.

Making life more livable in the home requires intentional planning and execution, it takes foresight and it requires functionality. At Legacy Homes our design team knows that life isn’t simple, but we also know that a well designed custom home can help clients simply live. Which is why our plans are EASYLIVING™ eliminating clutter and chaos; read on to learn how a drop zone might be the answer to your organizational nightmare.

•Shoes and Coats: Never again will you find spare shoes kicked around the living room floor or coats resting on the backs of your kitchen chairs. A drop zone can be custom designed for shoe cubbies and coat hooks, both making these nonessential clothing items easy to store on your way in the home and easy to grab while you’re dashing out.

•Groceries, Mail, and Everything in Between: Every home has a place where miscellaneous items seemingly just land. Whether it’s your nonperishables from the grocery store or your computer bag that needed a resting place, items that are lugged from the car are typically dropped right inside the doorway. A drop zone allows for items to be set aside, not scattered in disarray. Mail stations and landing counters are a great solution for all of the miscellaneous items you bring through the doorway.

•Sports Enthusiasts: Drop zones provide the perfect resting place for cleats, gloves, balls, and pads. Rather than finding equipment strewn around the house or balls tumbling off of counters or out of shelves, include a designated bin in your drop zone for the sweaty, sandy, grimy gear.

Legacy Homes knows that functionality and design are essential to any working drop zone. Contact Legacy Homes today and let us Build Your Legacy.®

How to Host the Perfect Backyard BBQ!

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May is National Barbecue Month! Are you prepared to host a backyard barbecue in your new home?

By Drew Knight

May is here and with it comes beautiful weather and a multitude of opportunities to host a barbecue; that must be why they call it National Barbecue Month (we don’t know who “they” are, but “they” certainly call it that).

As a new or future homebuyer, you may be wondering how to host the perfect backyard barbecue in your new or future home.

Well, whether you’re a first-time barbecue host or a regular barbecue master, here are some tips on how to host the perfect backyard barbecue:

The Right Food

Without the food, it’s likely no one would even show up to your party, that’s why we’re beginning with the grub., a site designed to help you “become a better man” (not that women can’t host a great barbecue), suggests the following foods: coleslaw, salads, salad dressing, chips, crackers, raw veggies and dip for starters; burgers, hot dogs, chicken breast, salmon (“if you want to get fancy”) and corn.

And, if you want to stray from the norm, you can supply new items like pizza, lobster and vegetarian options like veggie burgers and dogs. And for condiments, no barbecue is complete without ketchup, mustard, relish, barbecue (obviously) and hot sauce, cheese slices, pickles, grilled red peppers and chopped onions.

Don’t forget the drinks and desserts! AskMen suggests supply water, soft drinks, beer and wine to “keep everyone happy.” For those guests with sweet tooths: pies and cakes, ice cream, fruit and cookies. They also note to make sure ice is always readily available — nothing bums out a barbecue like hot liquids.

The Right Gear

Lucky for you Legacy Homes is giving away a Brand New Traeger® Grill to anyone who purchases a Move-In-Ready home and closes before the end of June, 2015!!

You can’t host a barbecue if you don’t have the supplies! GQ Magazine has five essential tips for gathering the right gear.
◾Invest in a three-piece grilling set (a griller’s apron, a cookbook and grilling utensils at minimum) and borrow the carving set from your kitchen;
◾Ditch the Dixie plates and invest in a new breed of disposable and compostable dinnerware;
◾If you plan to entertain often, invest in a bar cart;
◾Add some entertainment! Work up their appetites with a friendly game of badminton, bocce ball or croquet; and
◾Keep it lit with a little outdoor lighting such as a few string lights, antique oil lamps or a tiki torch or two.

The Right Host

No perfect backyard barbecue is complete without the perfect backyard barbecue host. suggests four foolproof tricks for hosting this classic all-American party.
◾Be smart during set-up.

Set up one table for food and drinks and one table for actual dining. Let guests serve themselves. Stack plates and silverware at each end to prevent traffic jams.
◾Make easy look elegant.

If your party is casual, decorate subtly (i.e., with nothing but small pots of herbs).
◾Reinvent the home bar.

For an easy bar, maybe don’t offer any drinks that call for ice cream or mixers. Set a colored tray with glasses, bottle openers and cloth napkins near the tub of beverages to catch spills.
◾Prep for a perfect ending.

If you’re guests are having so much fun they don’t want to leave, drop a little hint by asking “What food can I send you home with?”

Drew Knight is Digital Content Associate for New Home Source.